Our Lady of Pillar Convent School

Our Lady of Pillar Convent School

(The Congregation of Srs. of Charity of St. Anne)

CBSE Affiliation No. 1730418
9587118333, 9587118444


  1. A clear calendar month's notice has to be submitted in writing in the school office before withdrawal of a student from the school, failing which one month's fee will be charged in lieu thereof.
  2. A guardian who wants to withdraw his ward will have to apply in writing, on a form obtainable from the school office and shall pay the school dues.
  3. The parents, who want to withdraw their ward after the final result is declared, must inform school authorities by the last working day of February of the current session; otherwise he/ she will have to pay full amount of dues in next session including all the dues & tuition fee for the month of April. Students will remain on our rolls until final confirmation of withdrawal is given.
  4. A student will be issued a Transfer Certificate only when the school dues have been cleared.
  5. I-Card & Library Card must be returned to the school office before clearance.
  6. In case a student is leaving Rajasthan, the Transfer Certificate must be counter signed by The Education Officer.
  7. In case any student leaves the school in May, the fee for the month of June has to be paid.
  8. Duplicate T.C. will be issued only after submission of an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper that the same has been lost and against payment of duplicate T.C. fee.
  9. Note: Issuing a Transfer Certificate to the student of CLASS X

    As the syllabus prescribed at Secondary level is of two years integrated course, no T.C. shall be given in Class X directly. Provided further that T.C. in class X in the school shall be given only to such a student who:

    1. has completed a regular course of study for Class IX from The School. He/she has obtained minimum Grade D in the five main subjects (excluding the 6th additional subject) under Scholastic Area A as well as grades in subjects under Scholastic Area B under the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation scheme in class IX examination conducted by The School.
    2. has migrating from one city/State to another only on the transfer of the parent(s) or shifting of their families from one place to another (evidence required).

    The student will get The Report Book and the Transfer Certificate duly countersigned and permitted by the Educational Authorities of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

    In the case of serious offences or repeated infringements of basic school rules, the management may suspend a student from the school, ask for his withdrawal, or expel him. It includes but is not restricted to the following: (up to 212)

  10. Academic dishonesty (using unfair means).
  11. Alcohol consumption and possession of alcoholic drinks.
  12. Bullying/harassment.
  13. Damaging the reputation of the school (discourteous and disruptive behaviour on an outing).
  14. Drug use and possession of banned substances.
  15. Misbehaviour with any members of the staff.
  16. Repeated flouting of rules (lateness, appearance, dress, absences)
  17. Sexual relations
  18. Smoking
  19. Vandalism
  20. Detention or repeated detention in a class
  21. Negligence on part of Parents/Guardians against their ward
  22. In case of any kind of attitudinal indecency, immorality, abusiveness, shown towards anybody by Parents/Guardians and students.
  23. Irregularity shown in fee payment under any reason.
  24. In case of attendance not found as per CBSE norms
  25. In case of unauthorised leave for 10 or more consecutive days without any application duly signed by Parents/Guardians.
  26. In spite of all efforts from our end student being hopeless and his/her behavior in the opinion of the School management is harmful to the interest of the school.
  27. Progress in studies is steadily deteriorating, failing twice in the same class or thrice in different classes.
School Address
Our Lady of Pillar Convent School,
Gangana Road, Pal Village, Jodhpur 342001 (Raj.)
Contact No. +91-9587118444 | +91-9587118333
School Hours
Monday - Saturday : 07:30 am - 01:30 pm
Principal Office Hours : 08:00 am - 10:30 am
School Office Time : 08:00 am - 11:00 am